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The Groundhog Didn’t See His Shadow

29 Feb 2016

I heard the Groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year…Do you know what that means?  Spring will be arriving early!  You can’t say I didn’t warn you.  Now is the time to start prepping your pond for the inevitable warm up.  Keeping pond dye and pond bacteria in your water early will help slow down growth and help the overall health of your pond.

If you have had growth problems in the past, it is that much more important that you start using pond dye and pond bacteria as soon as possible. A couple really warm, sunny days may encourage pond weeds and algae to start early.  Don’t be tricked into treating pond weeds and algae too early.  If water temperatures aren’t above 50°F don’t treat weeds and algae.  You will be wasting time, money, and give our product a bad rap for no reason.

If you start to notice growth, get the growth identified and purchase the product you know you are going to need.  Once the water temperatures increase you will be ready to treat weeds and algae.  For more information on spring pond maintenance contact the experts at Sanco.