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The Difference Between Fountains and Aerators

Many pond owners will use the terms "fountain" and "aerator" interchangeably, however, these two pieces of pond equipment are very different. Fountains are usually meant to enhance the look of the pond and do minimal aerating. They shoot up 15-30 feet into the air depending on the model and spray pattern and are a focal point in most ponds. Fountains do move the water and increase oxygen levels on the surface, but areas far away from the fountain and deep spots of the pond remain unaltered. If your concerned with fish health and introducing as much oxygen as you can into the pond, then an aerator would be the piece of equipment you would want to consider purchasing. Both units require electric at the pond. So, if you have existing electric then you will want to look for a unit that is compatible with the voltage you have ran. For example, if you have 110V electric then you will want a 110V unit.

Fountains plug in at the electric source; the cable runs out to a float where the water shoots out of the center. There are several eye hooks on the float so that you can anchor the float in place. For more information click the following link to see our fountain manual.

Fountain Illustration

Unlike fountains, aerators have two lines that come off of the pump (electrical cable and airline). The other major difference is that an aerators diffuser sits on the pond floor instead of floating on the surface. The pump sits on the shore line and has 6 ft of electrical cable that plugs into the electric source. This is why it is important to have your electric post right next to the pond. The other line will be airline that runs from the pump into the water, and down to the diffuser that sits on the pond floor. The airline will have to be anchored (rope & brick) in several spots along the length of the airline. Don't laugh at my art skills, or lack of :)

Aerator Illustration

For more information on pond fountains or pond aerators contact the helpful staff at Sanco Industries.