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Take Your Pond to the Next Level

07 Feb 2016

You’ve spent the time and money to maintain your pond and keep it beautiful, but you still feel like you are missing something.  The pond is a beautiful deep blue color your weeds and algae are controlled.  Sanco has the solution, a pond fountain pump with a light kit.

Pond fountain pumps are a great way to take your pond to the next level.  Here are some tips to follow if you are considering a fountain for your pond.

  1. Do you have an electrical post on      your shore line?  If not, you will      need to get an electrician to run a trench and install an electrical post      on the bank of your pond.
  2. What voltage is the fountain you      are installing?  115V or 230V?  This is important because you will need      to make sure the electrician is installing the appropriate voltage.
  3. Do you already have electric ran to      your pond?  If so, be sure you know      what voltage you have at your post and buy a fountain that corresponds      with that voltage.
  4. Be sure the cable that comes with      the fountain pump is long enough to place the fountain where you want it      placed.  (Additional cable can be      added to select units).

Fountain units have other benefits besides making your pond look good.  Having a pond fountain pump can deter certain growth like duckweed that like stagnant water.  It will also add a small amount of oxygen into the pond, which is beneficial for your fish.  Sanco has a variety of fountain units that will accommodate most ponds.

115V Fountain Pump

230V Fountain Pump

For more information on our pond fountain pumps contact the experts at Sanco.