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Stop the Progression of Rust

The number one destroyer of metal products...rust!

Rust is the product of a combination of metal, moisture, and oxygen coming together and reacting with one another. Millions of metal tools are rendered useless each year because of a combination of moisture and air. The fact is that rust can be very difficult to stop and difficult to deal with once it is already started to take over.

Having a rust spot is not an automatic death sentence for the item. A rust converter can prevent more rust from forming and can prep the area for a repaint. Rust Kutter can safely be used on farm equipment, garden tools, cars, trucks, or livestock equipment. It works by binding itself to metal and preventing moisture and oxygen from attacking the metal surface. The balanced formula allows for the rust to chemically change to phosphate.

To apply Rust Kutter simply clean large flakes of existing rust with a wire brush then spray or paint Rust Kutter on damaged area. The area will become a black or white chalky film after the product is dried. Once the surface has dried completely, rinse off the product, apply your primer,  then paint!

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