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Spring Warm Up Leads to Pond Green Up

Spring has finally sprung! As temperatures increase, pond owners will start to notice their ponds turn a lovely shade of green. This is very common when our days get longer, and we migrate from cool, cloudy weather to sunny warm weather.

A pond has everything necessary to support algae growth: plenty of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Some ponds have more sunlight and nutrients than other ponds, causing the fight against algae to be even more difficult.

As a pond owner you have some choices to consider when dealing with algae.

  1. You can use preventative maintenance products to help slow down pond algae.
  2. You can do nothing until you see algae and treat with copper sulfate products every 1-2 weeks to stay ahead of the growth.

We highly recommend the first option. Using preventative maintenance products allows you to stay ahead of severe pond algae growth. The health of your pond can be compared to the health of your body. You prevent bad health by eating right, exercising, and having good hygiene. These things don’t guarantee you won’t ever get sick, but it will be much less likely, and you will be bounce back more quickly if you do become ill. Ponds are the same way. Preventative pond maintenance like using pond dye, pond bacteria, and taking care of the edges of your pond will prevent excessive growth and make managing growth easier.

For detailed info on preventative maintenance check out our blog series on Pond Maintenance 101.

Never fear…for all you pond owners that chose option 2 we have a blog series titled Pond Algae Treatment.

For more information on our complete line of pond maintenance products contact the pond experts at Sanco.