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Hydrodictyon Algae

A customer of ours from Wittenberg, WI was having trouble with a specific growth in his pond. Based on his description of the growth, I was stumped as well so I had him take some pictures of the growth and send them in. After receiving the pictures I was excited to show them to our aquatic specialist because it was something I had never seen! Our aquatic specialist took one look and said, "Ohhh, that is a cool one...Hydrodictyon algae." Because it is a tougher algae to control our customer was having little or no success with granular copper sulfate and we suggested a liquid copper sulfate. Liquid copper sulfate has a much better effect on resistant algae like chara and hydrodictyon. This is just one example of how important it is to identify your pond growth.

Keeping up on preventative pond maintenance will help slow down algae growth in your pond. Be sure to use pond dyes and beneficial pond bacteria early in the spring and continue with regular doses especially when the weather begins to warm.

For more questions about controlling your pond algae contact the experts at Sanco.