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Purposeful Pond Treatment

15 Nov 2015
If you are aimlessly throwing product into your pond you are wasting valuable time and money.  Having a good base knowledge about how your pond works and the products you are using will go a long way. Ponds are living eco systems.  The presence of some algae and weeds is a sign your body of water is healthy and can support life. The purpose of treating your pond is to keep the growth under control, not eradicated.

Preventative maintenance products like pond dyes and pond bacteria should be used on a monthly basis to help keep the pond healthy. Just like you take vitamins and exercise to keep your body healthy.  However, preventative maintenance isn’t a guarantee you won’t get sick just like using pond dye and pond bacteria isn’t a guarantee your pond won’t get growth.

Once you have growth, identification is key. Identify your pond weed or algae so that you can get the right product to control the growth. Pond weeds are treated with herbicides and pond algae is treated with copper sulfate based products. All growth isn’t created equally. The pond weed duckweed is extremely difficult to control and will require repeated applications at the maximum dose. You can expect to treat your pond for weeds and algae no less than once per month during the warmest months.

Equipment you should have on hand to successfully treat your pond includes a plastic hand pump or backpack sprayer, gloves, and a paddle boat/canoe. Another piece of equipment that we highly recommend is an aerator. Aerators will maximize your efforts and ensure your pond will have plenty of oxygen for your fish.

For more information on pond treatment, contact the experts at Sanco.