Pro Grub Control

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Insecticide for Grubs & Other Pests
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Liquid Harvest Pro Grub Control is an insecticide for turfgrass, landscape ornamentals, fruit and nut trees, and interior plantscapes for grub control and other pests. It has adequate residual activity that applications can be made before target pests lay eggs. Pro Grub Control is comprised of 21.4% Imidacloprid.


Turfgrass: Apply 1.25 to 1.6 pints per acre (0.46 to 0.6 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.). Make application prior to egg hatch of grubs, billbugs, annual bluegrass weevil, and European Crane Fly to maximize control.

Foliar application to ornamentals: Apply 1.5 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of water. Make foliar applications before high pest populations become established. Reapply on an as-needed basis. See label for other application rates and methods.

Pests Controlled: 

  • Grubs
  • Japanese beetles
  • Aphids
  • Weevils
  • Roundheaded borers
  • Green June beetle
  • Mole crickets
  • Billbugs
  • Sawfly larvae
  • European crane fly
  • & more!


Application restrictions exist for this product because of risk to bees and other insect pollinators. Follow application restrictions found in the label directions for use to protect pollinators. Other restrictions are determined by where treatment is being applied. See label for specific instructions.

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Pro Grub Control currently has shipping restrictions or is not EPA registered in these locations: AK, AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE, HI, KS, MA, MD, ME, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, RI, SD, UT, VT, WA