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Prep Your Pond for Winter with an Aerator

19 Sep 2010
For all you pond owners that endure four seasons don't forget to prep you pond for winter!  At this point you should have decent control of your algae and weeds.  If you don't shame on you...just kidding, but you still want
to prep your pond.  If you have or are considering an aeration system be sure to keep it running all day every day so that your pond will have an unfrozen section throughout the winter months.  If you turn the pump off for any amount of time the water could freeze around the unit and damage the machine.  You will also want to introduce high doses of pond bacteria.  The bacteria will remain very active until the water temperatures drop below 50F.  Doing a high dose of bacteria before your water temperature drops too low will allow the bacteria to start breaking down the vegetation that you killed off all through the summer.  Once the water temperatures drop below 50F the bacteria are much less active and below 32F they will most likely die off.  If you have more questons about bacteria or aeration feel free to contact us!