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Pond Herbicides

Do you have aquatic weeds?

Many aquatic herbicides can be labeled for both aquatic and landscape use. Most herbicides labeled for landscape use, like RoundUp, can be harmful to fish and other animals in and around the pond.

Therefore, it is very important to get herbicides labeled for aquatic use if you need to kill weeds in and around your pond. Sanco Industries carries two different concentrated aquatic approved herbicides.

Tsunami DQ is a diquat based aquatic herbicide used to kill floating and underwater weeds like duckweed and coon tail. Tsunami DQ is a contact herbicide that will burn the pond weeds back. This means the product has to make contact with the pond weed and you will have to treat throughout the season to keep the weeds burned back.

Catt Plex is a glyphosate based pond herbicide used to kill emerged weeds like cattails and water lilies. Glyphosate is the same active ingredient in RoundUp, however RoundUp contains surfactants that may be harmful to your fish.


  • All aquatic herbicides should be applied by spray application in order to get the most effective results.
  • If you have excessive pond vegetation you should only treat a portion of your pond at a time to avoid oxygen depletion.
  • Be sure you have properly identified your growth before you treat. Some algae is often mistaken for pond weeds like chara.

For more information about our aquatic herbicides, contact Sanco.

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Tsunami DQ

Pond Weed Killer
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CattPlex Pro

NEW! Aquatic Herbicide for Cattails, Water Lilies, Grasses & More