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Pond Shoreline

Last time, I discussed how a steep slope is important in limiting weed and algae growth. The shoreline (above water area) should not be steep along the edge of the pond. Shoreline emergent weeds can be easily controlled by either mechanical means or chemical means. To keep a nice neat shoreline, it is much easier to keep the area relatively flat going into the pond. This allows you to operate lawn equipment and sprayer equipment efficiently around the shoreline of the pond.

You may also consider allowing good emergent plants, such as Arrowhead plant, cattails, sedges, rushes or grasses to grow along the shoreline to limit erosion problems. Keep in mind these emergent plants will have to be managed to ensure they do not take over the pond's edge.

Another solution to erosion is the use of rip rap, a border of rock that extends up the bank about 2 feet and into the water 2 feet. This will aid in erosion control during all seasons, wet or dry. Remember, the shoreline should be flat and may include rip rap to help in erosion control and to keep a clean, well maintained edge.

Next week we will post about why pond access is an important consideration to discuss when digging a pond.

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For additional information on how to maintain your large pond contact the experts at Sanco or check our our blog series on DIY Pond Care.