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Pond Muck Removal

Pond muck removal is an important part of the overall health of your pond. With algae and weed growth at a minimum in the cooler temperatures, now is a perfect time of the year to plan how you are going to attack your pond muck. Pond muck will often go untreated because it is not something you can visibly see. This can be a pond owner’s worst decision. Pond muck is the silent feeder and starting point for severe weed and algae growth.

As a pond ages weeds, algae and fish waste will collect on the pond floor. Years and years of buildup can erupt into severe algae growth when conditions are just right. There are several ways to attack your pond muck removal plan. First, determine how much muck buildup you have and what your goal is. This will help you determine which product and regimen is best suited for your pond muck removal efforts.

If your pond is young, 5 years or less, you may not have too much buildup. In this case, you would want to use a regular maintenance dose of beneficial pond bacteria to help keep your muck maintained. Natural Pond Cleaner is a liquid maintenance dose of pond bacteria that should be applied monthly.

For older ponds with years of muck buildup you will want a more aggressive pond muck removal program. We always encourage pond owners to start a monthly regimen of Natural Pond Cleaner and then use Muck Doctor in targeted areas of the pond that are used recreationally, like beach and dock areas. Muck Doctor is a highly concentrated pond bacteria that comes in the form of a spike. It is used to reduce thick muck in specific areas. Muck Doctor can reduce pond muck by 6 inches in 90 days with proper aeration and application.

The most severe pond muck removal programs involve discussions around mechanical and biological dredging. We specialize in biological dredging. Biological dredging is a pond wide application of Muck Doctor on steroids.

Sanco’s beneficial pond bacteria products work well when introduced into the pond in early spring once water temperatures are above 40°F. As the water warms up the bacteria will start to multiply and go to work.

All pond bacteria programs can benefit from aeration and are 100% safe for recreational activities, fishing and animals. For more information on pond muck removal contact the experts at Sanco.