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Pond Maintenance Plan

03 Jan 2016
The key to a beautiful pond is monthly treatments.  Any pond you see that looks pristine is maintained on a monthly basis.  If you had a troubled pond last year, now is best time to get a plan in place so you don't end up in the same situation.
First, add pond dye and beneficial pond bacteria now!  Even with freezing conditions upon us, these products are preventative maintenance steps that are an important part to the basic health of the pond. If your pond is already frozen, be prepared to introduce pond dye and bacteria as soon as the ice melts.
Try to identify the problem growth you dealt with the year before.  Most likely the same growth will return.  You will want to identify what the growth was so that you know the right product to use to kill it. I would even find a local store that regularly stocks the product or go ahead and purchase some product so you can start treating as soon as you see the growth (and water temps are above 50 F).  Most aquatic algaecides and herbicides will kill a variety of different algae and weeds.  Even if you don't have the exact growth, most likely you will have another type of growth that you will need an algaecide and/or herbicide for.  Ponds are like petri dishes...they have everything they need to grow plant life (water, nutrients, and sunlight).  It is a pond owners job to keep the growth managed.
For more information on how to start your pond maintenance plan on the right track contact Sanco.