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Pond Maintenance 101-Expectations

As a pond owner you are going to need to commit to regular monitoring of your pond. This will involve knowing the size of your pond and identifying pond plant species. Once you have committed to this, you will need to treat your pond with the appropriate products. This process of monitoring may take as little as 1 or 2 times a month depending on the weather. It will need to be done more often in warmer weather as this encourages plant growth. Pond owners with the best-looking ponds usually use a combination of manual and chemical maintenance.

Sanco has been helping pond owners with pond maintenance since 1991. While new pond owners may think pond maintenance is a daunting task, Sanco has discovered that the first step in ensuring our clients have a beautiful pond is to manage their expectations.

Ponds are natural bodies of water that should support some growth and life. Unlike a swimming pool, a healthy pond needs to be able to sustain plant life, light, water, and the right balance of nutrients. Growth, algae and weeds, is a sign the pond is healthy and should be managed not so much eradicated.

Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy pond. The use of pond maintenance products, like pond dye and pond bacteria, will slow growth and make it more manageable. These products should be used approximately every 30 days. As soon as your pond shows signs of excessive growth, like algae or weeds, it should be correctly identified. You will then know which product is the best to manage it.

All ponds have growth. When it gets out of control, this causes your pond to become un-healthy and ‘sick’. To avoid this, use pond maintenance products at the beginning and end of the season, every 30 days and then every two weeks during the warmer months.

Now that expectations have been set and you are aware of the amount of work required, next week we will discuss what you need to know before you treat.

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