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Pond Ice Safety

08 Nov 2015

As the weather begins to cool and the season start to slip into winter pond owners start to become excited about enjoying winter activities on their pond such as ice skating or ice fishing. It is important for pond owners to have at least general safety knowledge about being on a frozen body of water. Having safety knowledge can reduce the risk of a disaster on the ice this winter.

The first thing to realize when talking about ice is that it can never be one hundred percent, completely safe. Ice is nature and nature always has unseen conditions and unknown factors that will always make ice dangerous. These unknown factors are why it makes it even more important to take all precautions when heading out on the ice. Another important step in ice safety is to have an emergency plan ready in case an accident does happen. Tell people that you are going out on the ice, that way if something does go wrong someone else knows you are in trouble. Make sure you are dressed for cold winter weather and have a backup bag of dry clothes in case you do get wet. It is never smart to go out on ice by yourself, so make sure to always bring along a friend or two. Simple steps and precautions such as these could be a lifesaver if something goes wrong.

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