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Pond Dye Safety

21 Oct 2010

Pond dyes are 100% safe for swimming, fishing, and livestock consumption when used properly.  Generally pond dye is just the same type of dye that is used to color things like sports drinks.  The only difference is pond dyes are much more concentrated because of the amount of water that needs to be altered.  One gallon of our pond dye will color approximately 1.5 million gallons of water or a pond that measures about 1 acre with an average depth of 4-6 feet deep.  So if you put one gallon of pond dye in a 1000 gallon pond you may have blue fish, rocks, and definitely blue water.  That is why it is important to use any product according to label directions.

Sanco Industries offers 3 different types of pond dye: Crystal Blue pond dye is a true royal blue color, Ocean Blue pond dye has a turquoise, blue/green color, Black Out pond dye gives your pond a deep mirror effect. 

All of these pond dyes are safe for all recreational activities.  Black Out is the only pond dye with any restrictions.  The only restriction is that black pond dye cannot be used for potable water. 

When choosing a pond dye the two questions you will want to ask your self are what color will I like and am I using my pond water for potable use.