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Pond Dye Differences

19 Oct 2010
With so many brands and colors to choose from, it can be difficult to know what pond dye to buy.

   As far as color goes the choice is largely based upon personal opinion.  If you like a true blue color choose a pond dye that has only blue as an ingredient.  If you want a deep lake appearance choose a black pond dye, and if you prefer a turquoise color buy a pond dye that has blue and yellow in the ingredients.  In terms of brand that too is based on personal preference, but clearly Sanco’s pond dye is the best!

   Sanco Industries has 3 different types of pond dye: Crystal Blue pond dye, Black Out pond dye, and Ocean Blue pond dye.  All of our pond dyes are safe for the environment and have no restrictions for swimming, fishing or livestock drinking.  Generally pond dye will last approximately 30 days depending on rain fall, run-off and out flow of the pond.  So that means if you use a pond dye that you don’t like, it is like a bad haircut and you will just have to wait until it grows out so you can try another color.