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Pond Dye Brand Comparison

There are 3 main pond dye colors to choose from: Blue, Blue-Green and Black. These shades may vary between brands just like crayons. Crayola blue-green may look slightly more blue than another brand’s blue-green. Another factor is the color of paper you are drawing on. If your paper is yellow your blue-green is naturally going to take on a greener tint. The same can be said for a pond; the original color of a pond can drastically alter the way a pond dye appears.

Sanco has three different colors of pond dye: Crystal BlueOcean Blue, and Black Out. Many other brands will offer similar shades. It is important to compare like colors when trying new brands. We will often times have customers call and say they used to use Aquashade and they tried our Crystal Blue and it just isn’t as turquoise looking. Crystal Blue is not a comparable color to Aquashade because Aquashade is a combination of blue and yellow dye and Crystal Blue is just blue dye. A more accurate comparison would have been for the customer to use Ocean Blue. Our Ocean Blue is a combination of blue and yellow dye just like Aquashade.

Also, keep in mind that not even the same brand of dye will not look the exact same from one application to another. You can read more about the variation of pond dye in the same pond by following the link.

The bottom line is that choosing a pond dye is largely based on personal preference and variation in color is to be expected from one application to the next and most certainly from one brand to another. We want to caution pond owners who are “testing the water” to make sure they are comparing apples to apples before scrapping one or another. The good news is, if you try a pond dye and aren’t thrilled with the color... it is like a bad haircut…it will dissipate in about 30 days and you can try a different color.

For more information on how to select the right pond dye contact Sanco Industries.