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Pond Dye

07 Sep 2015

Pond Dye is one of the most important steps in your fall pond maintenance plan.  Using a pond dye can help reduce the amount of algaecide and herbicide treatments you will have to apply throughout the year.  Sanco has a variety of pond colorants to choose from.  Each dye will last for approximately 30 days depending on rainfall and outflow.  1 gallon of Sanco's pond dye will treat 1 acre with an average depth of 4-6 feet deep.

Crystal Blue is our most popular pond dye and gives the pond a true royal blue appearance.  Ocean Blue has blue and yellow tints to give your pond water a turquoise tint.  Black Out is for customers that want a completely natural look.  Black Out makes the pond water very reflective and give the appearance of a deep lake.
All of our pond dyes are extremely easy to apply.  Simply pour the dye from the bottle into the pond from the shoreline in a couple different areas.  The color will mix evenly throughout the pond within about 24 hours. For more information on Sanco's pond dye contact us.