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Pond Bacteria

Bacteria…Ewwww! This is the first thought that comes to mind when talking about pond bacteria. Where is the hand sanitizer? How can we get rid of it? However, not all bacteria are bad. Bacteria are actually a necessary part of every ecosystem, especially ponds. Without bacteria in a pond, muck levels would rapidly build up on the pond floor, which in turn provides a nutrient source for algae and weed growth.  Using beneficial bacteria for ponds is a key step to your pond muck removal efforts.

All ponds have naturally occurring bacteria. So why do we have beneficial bacteria based pond products? Bacteria based products help naturally occurring bacteria to accelerate the breakdown of muck on the pond floor. By keeping a regular dose of bacteria in your pond you will be keeping muck (aka food source for algae and weeds) minimized.

There are two different types of bacteria: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen to survive and consume muck at a faster rate than anaerobic. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in low-no oxygen level areas, typically where leaves and other debris reside in a pond. Anaerobic bacteria are the hard/slow worker because they are responsible for breaking down physical material like whole leaves, dead weeds, dead algae, fish and waterfowl waste. Aerobic can’t start to consume these items until the anaerobic bacteria is finished making them into muck. You will often find both in a pond. In a pond that does not have an aerator, you will find aerobic bacteria towards the top of the pond where oxygen levels are naturally higher. Anaerobic bacteria will stay at the bottom of the pond where oxygen levels are extremely low. Aerobic bacteria consume muck quickly and release it in the form of odorless gas, water and minerals. Anaerobic bacteria work much slower and when gases are released there may be an odor.



Thrives in oxygen rich environment


Survives in low-no oxygen


Releases smelly gas


Requires aeration


Breaks down material on pond floor


Sanco’s Bacteria Contains



Sanco has the best beneficial bacteria for ponds because they contain both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Some bacteria found in our products are considered facultative; this means these strains of bacteria can switch from anaerobic to aerobic and vice versa depending on the environment. We have two main products that contain bacteria, namely Muck Doctor and Natural Pond Cleaner. Muck Doctor contains both types of bacteria and comes in the form of a spike. The spike form can be used in targeted areas where leaf build up and muck levels are a major issue. Muck Doctor will go to work breaking down debris into muck while reducing current muck levels. Natural Pond Cleaner is a liquid bacteria product that should be used for maintenance on a monthly basis. Sanco chooses to provide customers with a product that contains both types of bacteria because they complement each other. By offering a product that contains both types of bacteria we are able to increase bacteria level no matter what pond environment you are dealing with. However, be prepared to wait a much longer time to see results if you choose not to use an aerator to support the aerobic, fast working, bacteria.

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Natural Pond Cleaner

Beneficial Pond Bacteria
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Black Pond Starter Kit

Black Pond Dye and Beneficial Pond Bacteria
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Blue Pond Starter Kit

Crystal Blue and Natural Pond Cleaner Starter Kit
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Muck Doctor

Pond & Lake Muck Remover
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Pond Booster

Royal Blue Pond Dye and Bacteria Combination