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Pond Algea Growth

17 Oct 2010
Not all algae are harmful to your pond. Problems arise when it reproduces out of control and could starve your fish of oxygen and harbor massive mosquito populations. Solving your pond problems begins with education, read on.

Pond problems come in many forms, but one the most asked is how to control pond algae. Small quantities are not harmful; even beneficial. It’s when pond algae claims vast portions of your lake or pond you need to step in and solve your pond problem.


There are a number of resulting issues caused by uncontrolled buildup of pond algae.Image of Filamentous Algae


  1. Mosquitoes – Filamentous algae will protect mosquito larvae from natural preators and local populations will balloon.
  2. Oxygen Depletion – Late in the day the oxygen content will drop as the photosynthesis process naturally reverses from producing oxygen to consuming it. Fish will fight for air and may suffocate.
  3. Pond/Lake Use – Excess algae will limit recreational activities. Becoming entangled in outboard motors and presenting a drowning hazard to swimmers.

When your algae is hindering or endangering your pond’s health, a couple of products from Sanco can remedy your pond problem.


Crystal Plex is a liquid copper sulfate solution that kills and controls algae. 100% safe for human and animals, it is a long-term answer to control your algae problem. Copper Sulfate is a granular with the same effects as Crystal Plex. Contact us to bring your pond problems under control.