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Orange Oil

Nowadays, there are countless cleaning products of all shapes, sizes, and toxicities. The average cleaning cupboard is overflowing with bottles of chemicals, some of which leak out strong-smelling and dangerous liquids. If kids happen to come into contact with the chemicals there could be a hospital visit over the horizon, or worse. Also, after the cleaning is complete, you are often left with the powerful odor of bleach or some other potent chemical.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an all-purpose cleaning product that was non-toxic, concentrated so that it could be mixed in different amounts depending on the desired strength, and most importantly… fragrantly fresh? As it turns out, there is!

All Natural 100% Cold Pressed Orange Oil (D-Limonene) is an all-purpose cleaner and air freshener. No matter the cleaning job, there is a use for this product. Whether there is a piece of gum stuck to a desk, an oil spot on the driveway or smudges on the kitchen floor, orange oil can do the job. A certain mix rate may be necessary depending on the job. See Common Uses and Mix Rates for more details.

It is derived from the citrus of oil peels and projects a sweet scent of fresh oranges with every use. The fragrant is desired so much so that it is used as an air freshener and in laundry. It is often used in diffusers as a cheaper alternative to essential oils. Just a few drops will engulf a room in the fragrance of sweet oranges.

While it should not be used in cooking, our Orange Oil is food grade, natural, bio-degradable, and nontoxic.

We strive for versatility in our products, and its many practical uses makes 100% Orange Oil a perfect example of that.

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