02 Nov 2010
Milfoil Weevils
Milfoil Weevils in Chapman Lake
01 Nov 2010
Pond Dredging
Mechanical pond dredging is a thing of the past!
31 Oct 2010
Natural Pond Cleaner
Remove Harmful Algae with Natural Pond Cleaner
27 Oct 2010
Aquatic Weed Control
Getting a handle on your weed problem is an easy task once you know the weed control chemicals you need.  Researching ways to vanquish troublesome, heavy-infested weeds can require a few steps.
25 Oct 2010
Using Pond Dyes
Enhance pond beauty by using pond dyes
21 Oct 2010
Pond Dye Safety

Most pond dyes are very safe for the environment and have no adverse effects on animals or people.

20 Oct 2010
Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Beneficial Pond Bacteria Maintains the Balance

20 Oct 2010
Winter Fountain Removal
Steps To Remove Your Fountain
19 Oct 2010
Trail Marker

Have you ever made a questionable shot on a big game animal and used a trail marker?

19 Oct 2010
Pond Dye Differences
Which Pond Dye Do I Choose?
17 Oct 2010
Pond Algea Growth
Pond Problems: When Algae Goes Bad
13 Oct 2010
Blue Pond Dye
Make Your Pond an Oasis with Blue Pond Dye
Using quality blue pond dye like Crystal Blue will give your pond a majestic look.
11 Oct 2010
Muck Pond Maintenance Tips
Fight Muck with These Pond Maintenance tips to remove muck and sludge with products from Sanco.
06 Oct 2010
Pumpkin Decorating Contest
Sanco Industries is holding it's first every office pumpkin decorating contest.
28 Sep 2010
Introducing Muck Doctor
Introducing Muck Doctor: Highly Concentrated Bacteria
19 Sep 2010
Prep Your Pond for Winter with an Aerator
Prep Your Pond For Winter with an Aerator
16 Sep 2010
How to Maximize Your Pond Bacteria
Ideal Environment for Pond Bacteria to Thrive
12 Sep 2010
Toxic Algae on Grand Lake in St. Mary's OH
Grand Lake in St. Mary's, OH was deemed toxic due to fluctuating levels of cyanobacteria or blue-green algae. Seven illnesses may be linked to the toxic algae.
02 Sep 2010
Sanco Industries named one of ICIC 2009 fastest growing inner city businesses.
11 Aug 2010
Business Weekly Article
Sanco Industries' article in Business Weekly:  Proper maintenance on retention ponds can save home, business, and property owners time and money.