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New Water Soluble Dye Packaging

13 Jan 2016

Marketing for a retail store shelf can be difficult.  Many stores vary greatly in size, display options, and target audience.  We try to listen to the stores carrying our products and implement changes they recommend or fix problems they are having selling any one of our sku's.  Our Crystal Blue and Black Out water soluble bags were two products that our stores were having an issue moving.  After listening to our customers and looking at our competitors we realized the problem.  Our competitors were using wording that was very deceiving on the packaging making our product look 4 times more expensive while treating the same area.  The truth is when comparing apples to apples their product treated the same amount and cost was comparable.  Take a look:

 Blue Water Soluble Pond Dye

Our water soluble bags were sold in a box that included 4 bags.  Our directions stated that 4 bags d 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep.  Our competitor's water soluble bags were sold in a pouch that included 1 bag.  Their directions stated that one bag treated 1 surface acre 1 foot deep.  Customers would see 1 surface acre in both sets of packaging with the competitor being 4 times cheaper, but not recognize that the depth is a huge factor when applying a pond dye.

 In order to combat this problem, we adjusted our water soluble packaging to be a pouch that contained 1 bag with directions stating that this bag treats 1/4 acre 4-6 feet deep or 1 surface acre 1 foot deep.  The new pouch will be able to sit on the store shelf in a case or be hung from a hook.  I love the look of the pouch and overall the change will help give us a competitive chance against our competitors.  For more information on our pond products contact the helpful staff at Sanco Industries.