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Muck Pond Maintenance Tips

11 Oct 2010
The following article contains pond maintenance tips to remove muck and sludge with products from Sanco.

Pond maintenance has many facets. Inspecting your pond on a regular basis lets you resolve signs of decline in a timely manner. Addressing muck and dead vegetation on the pond bottom is vital to keep unwanted weeds and algae growth in check

 Fighting Muck & Sludge Build-up - Pond Maintenance Tips

  • Use a natural pond cleaner – Safely breakdown muck and organic material that has settled on the floor of your pond or lake. Sanco’s Natural Pond Cleaner is 100% safe for humans and animals that may be in contact with your pond. It supercharges existing bacteria to consume extra micro nutrients in your pond making it clearer and healthier.
  • Use a muck remover – Breakdown muck by adding beneficial bacteria and the food they need to effectively remove the decomposing material. Sanco’s Muck Doctor does just that! Best results occur in water temps above 60 degree F.
  • Chemical dredging – Sanco’s Excavate, is the alternative to mechanical dredging, Contact us to get a personalized quote that will treat your lake or commercial pond. A long-term solution that’s less expensive when compared to mechanical dredging.

Keeping your lake or pond muck free eliminates other problems. We offer a full line of products to maintain a healthy, beautiful pond. Contact us and read other pond maintenance tips for a comprehensive solution.