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Muck Doctor Lake Muck Remover

Muck Doctor is one of our beneficial lake bacteria products.  Muck Doctor is a highly concentrated pond bacteria that comes as a hard pressed spike. This product is great when used to reduce muck in a targeted area.  1 box of Muck Doctor contains 10 spikes and will treat a 250 square foot area.  We have had great success with this product and so have our customers!

"I have purchased Muck Doctor in the past and I am amazed at the differences in muck reduction I have seen in the areas where I have treated and the areas I have not treated proves to me that Muck Doctor works as designed. Your have a great product!! "We have pets and it is nice to know the product is a natural good bacteria that does not harm the lake, fish or pets. I would like to place another order to treat the area before fall so I can stay ahead of the muck." --Steve

For more information on pond muck removal contact the helpful staff at Sanco Industries.