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Maintain Your Septic Lines

09 Aug 2015

For home owners who have a septic tank, septic maintenance can easily be the most important task to take care of. If a septic tank is not treated there can be a clog that can lead to a very messy and costly backup. Septic maintenance is one job that is better acted on before anything becomes a problem. Sanco Industries offers septic maintenance products that will easily keep septic tanks in great condition.

Root Destroyer is a septic maintenance product that is poured into septic lines through the toilet and makes invasive tree roots get out. When a tree grows up it is also growing down and some of that downward growth can make its way into septic lines. Root Destroyer gets rid of the unwanted roots without causing any damage to the rest of the tree. Septi-Cleaner is a septic tank cleaner that will break down organic buildup that can potentially lead to a clog and in the end a backup.

For any questions on any of Sanco Industries septic maintenance products please contact us today.