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Liquid Vs. Dry Pond Bacteria

21 Mar 2016

Sanco Industries has a variety of beneficial pond bacteria products.  Not all pond bacteria is created equally and it is important to know the difference before you use the product so your expectations are in line with what the product can do.

Most of Sanco’s pond bactreria is in liquid form.  Our liquid pond bacteria products are considered a maintenance dose.  These products should be added to the pond on a regular monthly basis.  By consistently adding beneficial bacteria into your pond, you are helping neutralize nitrates and phosphates as well as keep large amounts of muck build up at bay.  The following products contain liquid beneficial pond bacteria.  Using 1 gallon of our liquid bacteria products will not remove years of built up muck.  Over time and with repeated applications you will start to notice a decrease in muck levels.

Our dry pond bacteria, Muck Doctor, is a much more aggressive muck removal product.  Muck Doctor comes in the form of a dry spike about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.  Muck Doctor is applied in beach and dock areas to rapidly reduce muck by as much as 6 inches in as little as 45 days.

All of Sanco’s pond bacteria products are safe for fish, livestock, and there are no restrictions for using the pond while applying bacteria products.  For more information on beneficial pond bacteria contact Sanco.