Liquid Harvest Surfactant

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Surfactant for aid in coverage and penetration of landscape and aquatic plants. For use with herbicides, fungicides and algaecides.

Directions For General Use
• Mix 32oz. of Liquid Harvest Non-Ionic Surfactant with water to yield 100 gallons spray solution.
• Mix 8oz. of surfactant with water to yield 25 gallons spray solution.
• Mix 1 teaspoon of surfactant with water to yield 1 gallon spray solution.

For optimum results see recommended surfactant dosing for herbicide, fungicide, and algaecide.

Landscape Mode of Action
Aids in penetrating the plant cuticle. Use with all herbicides, fungicides, or algaecides that require a surfactant or sticking agent.
*When used as directed



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