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Late Season Pond Algae & Weed Control

30 Aug 2015

As the weather is getting cooler and pond season is coming to an end it is important to make sure your pond is prepped for the winter months. This means every last dose of whatever maintenance product should start to be given to the pond to ensure it is healthy throughout the winter. Two things that should be taken care of before pond water freezes over is pond algae and pond weeds

Sanco Industries offers a couple different options for dealing with both unwanted pests to a pond. Chemical products such as Crystal Plex are a great option for getting rid of pond algae. Crystal Plex is a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae such as filamentous, chara, and plaktonic. Crystal Plex is good for long term algae control and would be a great addition to any pond to maintain pond health leading into the winter.

Sanco Industries also offers some pond weed removal options that do not involve chemicals but will effectively get rid of pond weeds for the winter. Once water temperatures drop below 50 degrees many algaecides and herbicides become ineffective.  The Weed Rake and Weed Razers offered by Sanco Industries are the manual approach to getting rid of pond weeds and algae.  The Weed Rake and Weed Razers can be tossed into a pond from the shore and drag along the pond floor cutting down anything that is in the way and then cleaning up the debris afterwards.

For any questions on prepping a pond for winter or any of the products offered by Sanco Industries please contact us today.