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Label Warnings: What Do They Mean?

Think of whenever you have grabbed a coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Have you ever seen a "CAUTION: HOT" warning on the cup or sleeve? Seems pretty straight forward, but label warnings on other products can be viewed in a similar manner.

When perusing online, we occasionally run into reviews where customers state that our product(s) are “toxic” due to warnings that are present on our labels. When looking at the big picture, you would understand that these are precautionary measures that are required by law and/or by the Environmental Protection Agency for certain products. These warnings do not mean that our products are not safe for standard use.

Majority of our products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The agency does many things, but in this case, the EPA must approve of a product’s label and its content before it can be sold or distributed. There are many edits made between their office and ours until we are finally left with a finished label that aligns with their regulations and guidelines.

For example, one product that is often discussed online is our Decorative Fountain Algae Control. On the label, we are required to list this is a “hazard to humans and domestic animals”. Many who see this come to the conclusion that birds or other wildlife are at risk of being harmed if they are exposed to or drink out of the treated water.

When Decorative Fountain is used properly and as directed, it is not hazardous for people, domestic animals, or general wildlife. Because it is an algaecide, it can potentially be hazardous to fish. If you were to drink the product straight from the bottle, that is what the warning is for. This is obviously an unlikely scenario, but it must be placed on our label along with other precautionary warnings to inform the customer of any potential risks.

We cannot realistically fit anything and everything on a label, so broad statements like this are made. What does this mean for the end user? Use any product for its intended use and follow dosing instructions. Use your best judgement and be mindful of the safety precautions. If you are unsure about something or need a little help, please reach out to the manufacturer for instruction.

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