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Importance of Good Pond Access

Pond access is an often-overlooked component of a pond --and is often one of the biggest annoyances once it goes bad! Getting to the pond and utilizing it as a great fishing, boating and swimming pond is extremely important. Not to mention easy access to keep the maintenance of the pond attainable.

Keep brush and trees near the pond limited in growth and in number. Keep the lawn around the shoreline well-trimmed and watch for muskrat damage. Repair muskrat damage when it occurs and eliminate the muskrats. The entire perimeter of the pond should be open enough to treat pond weeds and apply pond dye from the shoreline. You can have areas of emerged pond weeds (cattails, willows, bulrush, etc.), but allow them to grow in small, manageable clumps that you can treat around. Remember, pond access is critical in controlling weed and algae problems and allows you to utilize it for swimming, boating and fishing!

Next week we will post about why fish habitat is an important consideration to discuss when digging a pond.

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For additional information on how to maintain your large pond contact the experts at Sanco or check our our blog series on DIY Pond Care.