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Green X: Koi Safe Algaecide

Many of those who come to us for pond advice have one thing in common: they have koi or goldfish in their ponds! Having these types of fish and needing to treat for algae can become less than ideal for the average pond owner. Koi and goldfish are highly sensitive to copper sulfate, which is typically the main component to most pond algaecides and why we do recommend finding an alternative product.

We now offer Green X, an algaecide that is safe to use with your koi and goldfish! Rather than being composed of the standard copper sulfate, the main component in Green X is peroxide. Green X can be used to treat filamentous, planktonic, and pithophora algae. Like our Copper Sulfate granules, Green X also comes in a granule form and can be either broadcasted from shore or diluted and sprayed.

Safe for Koi