Green X

Pond Algae Control
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Algae Control For Koi Ponds & Water Features

Green X is our newest product in our pond algaecide lineup. It is copper-sulfate free, which means that it is safe to use with koi and similar sensitive fish.

Green X is a peroxide-based product that controls filamentous, planktonic, and pithophora algae.

  • Concentrated Algaecide can be used at any water temperature
  • Safe for all plants, fish, wildlife, domestic & wild animals
  • Begins working immediately, results will be visible within 48 hours
  • For best results, apply in the morning hours when the water is warm; sunlight and higher water temperatures accelerate algaecides activity
  • Copper Free Formulation, safe for Koi Fish

Apply 1 to 9 tablespoons per 1,000 gallons of water by broadcast, spreader or spray dissolved solution.

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Green X currently has shipping restrictions in these states: CT, ME, NJ, NY, WA

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