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Green Moss In My Pond

Filamentous algae is often referred to as green moss, pond scum, sea weed etc... Filamentous is a more scientific term for the type of growth pictured below. This type of algae is one of the most common types of algae found in a pond and fairly easy to control. We recommend using preventative maintenance products like pond dye and pond bacteria to help slow growth. However, it is impossible to stop algae from growing in a pond completely. Pond's are like incubators for algae. You have plenty of water, nutrients and sunlight. It is a matter of time before you start to see that green tint in your pond. When you notice growth you can treat with liquid copper sulfate. This will kill existing algae. Treat by spraying Crystal Plex (liquid copper sulfate) in the areas where you have growth. Typically 1 gallon will treat 1 acre 1-2 feet deep. For example, if you have a 1 acre pond that is an average of 4 ft. you will need 2 gallons of Crystal Plex. Keep in mind you only want to treat 1/2 of your pond at a time to avoid oxygen depletion. For more information on treating your green mossy pond scum contact Sanco Industries.