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Green Lawn Dye

Sanco's green lawn dye, Patch Worx, is a great solution to yellow or brown lawn spots.  Often lawns become yellow or brown from pets spots or herbicide drift.  You will have instant curb appeal by applying Patch Worx to the yellow spots in your lawn.

A dogs urine can wreak havoc on a lawn. A once lush green lawn will be spotted with dead, yellow grass.  I used to scrape all of the dead grass up, reseed the areas, water for weeks and hope the grass comes back.  After the first spring of doing that and discovering I was faced with the same issue the next spring I decided to take another approach to ensure my lawn looked nice.

I'll admit I was lawn dye... I mean come on!  But it totally works and it looks great with a lot less effort.  Below is a picture of one of the many yellow spots left in my lawn from by dog's urine.  I sprayed the yellow area and gradually went out around the yellow area until I felt I had decent coverage and the desired look.  See for yourself: