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Fog Worx

Having a "monster bash"? Transform your space into the creepiest spot in the neighborhood with our Fog Worx or Fog Worx HD fog juice.

Our Fog Worx brands are specially formulated fog machine fluids made with premium pharmaceutical grade chemicals, to produce a high quality fog with great hang time and dispersion. It is water based and can be used with any water based fog machines.

Either one of our Fog Worx products will take your party to the next level and finish off the rest of your Halloween display.

Our fog juice is not just for the holidays. It is also great for night clubs, laser tag arenas, and for mobile DJ’s. Many customers wonder if using our fog will set off their smoke detectors or sprinkler systems. Typically, this is only a problem with optical type detectors, because they sense the small water-based particles as smoke. As for sprinkler systems, they are usually triggered by heat, so fog would not set off heat-activated sprinkler systems. We do not advise disabling your smoke detectors or sprinkler systems.