Fog Worx

Medium Density, High Output, Long Lasting Fog Machine Fluid
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These products are specially formulated fog machine fluids; made with premium pharmaceutical grade chemicals, to produce a medium density fog with great hang time and dispersion.

Our Fog Worx products work in any fog machine designed for water-based fluid.  Ideal for Parties, Lighting Enhancement Applications, Night Clubs, Laser Tag Arenas, and mobile DJ's.

Many customers wonder if using our fog will set off their smoke detectors or sprinkler systems. Typically, this is only a problem with optical type detectors, because they sense the small water-based particles as smoke. As for sprinkler systems, they are usually triggered by heat, so fog would not set off heat-activated sprinkler systems. We do not advise disabling your smoke detectors or sprinkler systems.

  • One quart of premium water based fog machine fluid - remains clean, dry and ODORLESS
  • Medium density formulation delivers good hang time and excellent dispersion
  • FogWorx Fog Juice is designed for use with any water based fog machine - Optimized for machines with as little as 400 watts
  • Impress customers and friends, perfect for lighting enhancement applications, night clubs, parties and mobile DJ's
  • Proudly made in the USA with pharmaceutical grade chemicals approved by the FDA

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