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Fish Habitat in Pond

Fish habitat is important to consider when building a pond.  One huge mistake that fishermen make is allowing submerged weed growth to provide habitat for fish in the pond.  This ultimately gives weeds a foothold, the fisherman gets busy and the pond care gets neglected.  Boom!  Weeds everywhere!  Wife unhappy! Don’t fall into that trap.

After paying attention to all the other factors in constructing a pond, don’t let it all go down the drain by ignoring this aspect. Provide cover by installing old drain tiles, rocks, larger underwater logs, or other hollow pipe type constructs laid all along the pond bottom. Some people anchor old Christmas trees at the bottom of the pond. By placing these structures in the pond, they will provide adequate habitat for fish to hide among and thrive. Remember, fish habitat should never include submerged weeds but should include structures at the bottom of the pond!

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