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Fall Pond Treatment Blog Series- 3 Preventative Pond Maintenance

Last week we discussed how decreasing fall temperatures will determine the direction of your fall pond treatment plan. If temperatures remain high, then you can continue to treat for pond weeds and algae, however when temps start to fall you should shift your pond treatment from a curative perspective to preventative. Let’s look at the difference between curative and preventative pond maintenance.

An easy way to differentiate between curative and preventative pond maintenance is to compare it to your health. Curative treatment is getting medication to treat an illness. For example, you will get an antibiotic to treat an infection. Prevention is taking steps to hopefully prevent an infection, like washing hands, eating right etc.… You don’t stop your prevention habits when you are ill. Pond maintenance is similar. You use curative treatments like copper sulfate and pond herbicides when you get growth and continue use of preventative pond maintenance like using pond dye and pond bacteria. When water temps dip below 40°F, pause your curative treatments and continue full force with pond dye and pond bacteria applications.

Next week we will discuss some ways to stay safe on your pond during the winter months. Most people associate ponds with warm summer fun, but you can have just as much fun on a pond in the winter months too. Although you won’t be using our products during winter freeze months we want to pass along some important safety tips to consider while having your winter fun.

Late Season Growth

At the Mercy of Temps

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Winter Pond Safety Tips

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