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Fall Pond Maintenance

13 Sep 2015

When temperatures start to drop outdoor chores come to a close and indoor decorating and cooking start to fill your time. However, before you migrate to your indoor tasks be sure to properly prep your pond for a long winter to ensure a healthy start up in the spring.

No matter what part of the country you are in these pond maintenance tips will be helpful. Fall pond maintenance consists of manual, chemical, and equipment tasks. Remove all unwanted brush or dead exterior weeds like cattails. This removal will be fairly labor intensive and can be achieved by weed eating and gathering scraps to dispose or torching.   There are several products you should continue to add to ensure your pond is healthy in the spring. Pond dyes and pond bacteria should be added in generous doses. If your pond does not freeze, these products should be added each month. If you have a fountain, it should be removed cleaned and stored. The only equipment that is made to withstand winter months is an aerator. Aerators will keep you pond from freezing and ensure your fish have plenty of oxygen. Aerators also accelerate beneficial bacteria activity. Remember, if you have an aerator the pond is not safe for winter sporting activities like ice skating and hockey.

For more information on fall pond preparation contact Sanco Industries.