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Fall Cattail Treatment

28 Oct 2015

You can successfully use Sanco's Catt Plex and Plex Mate to treat and kill invasive cattails to the root.  The Catt Plex label states that fall is the best time to treat cattails, however, you don't want to wait too late.  When temperatures start to drop plants will go dormant, therefore they will not absorb the chemical.  Be sure your cattails are still green and actively growing in the fall before you treat.  If you decide to wait until the spring to treat make sure the stalks are at least 1-2 feet above the surface of the water before spraying.

To treat your cattails use 3 oz of Catt Plex, 1 oz of Plex Mate to every gallon of water.  Spray the cattail stalks above the water liberally.  Be sure you have at least 8 hours with no rainfall and spray in calm weather to avoid killing grass and other landscape plants.  Catt Plex is a slow kill; it can take up to 7 days for yellowing and up to 14 days for a complete kill. 

For more tips on treating emerged aquatic plants contact the experts at Sanco.