Emerald Green Water Dye

Green Water Dye for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations
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Emerald Green Water dye is designed for use in fountains, small ponds, water features, and canals.  This is a dark green water dye typically used to tint water for St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  For smaller bodies of water apply 1oz of Emerald Green Water Dye per 250 gallons of water.   For larger bodies of water use 1 gallon to tint 1 acre with an average depth of 4-6 feet deep.  Our dosing is a starting point and color should be added slowly in small increments until desired color is achieved.  Use caution in windy conditions.  Dye will slowly disperse and mix uniformly throughout the entire body of water.

Colorant is largely based on personal preference.   Every body of water will take a colorant differently.  Existing pond dye can alter the color of Emerald Green.  We advise users to test a sample from the body of water by adding a drop of dye to a glass of pond water to test the dye reaction to current pigments in water.  When adding Emerald Green Water Dye to city water expect dye to last for a shorter period of time due to the chlorine in city water.

Spill Clean Up:  Treat spills by soaking up as much of the product as possible using oil dry or absorbent cloths.  Follow with bleach to prevent stains.

  • Safe and harmless to all animals and vegetation once diluted
  • Same dye used to tint the San Antonio River Walk

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