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E Coli in Local Lake

30 Aug 2015

Waldron Lake in Noble County, IN tested positive for E Coli.  Some areas of the lake tested more than 10 times higher than what is considered a safe limit.  The lake association commissioned the lake be tested after experiencing the wettest spring/summer since 1982.  The association was concerned about contamination and their tests proved they had reason for concern.  It is believed that the unique location of the lake is what is causing the issue.  Waldron lake is the last lake in a chain of lakes before emptying into a river.  The unique location paired with that amount of rain left Waldron Lake as a catch basin.  More tests are being performed to rule out a specific source of contamination.  Until the tests come back the property owners on Waldron Lake will have to wait.

Being a company that specializes in keeping water clean, clear, and Crystal Blue...I wondered if there was anything we could do...So I asked our aquatic manager.  He said because E Coli is a bacteria you can't use our "good" bacteria products to help reduce the "bad" bacteria.  Our good bacteria eats carbon based material and E Coli is not carbon based, therefore it won't reduce E Coli levels.   Products like Crystal Plex, a liquid copper sulfate product, used to control algae in lakes and ponds will kill bacteria, but there is no way of knowing what is a strong enough dose to kill the bacteria, but leave fish and other aquatic life unharmed.

For now we will be waiting just like the property owners on Waldron Lake for news of reduced E Coli levels.  Contact Sanco for more information about pond and lake treatment.