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Decorative Fountain Algae Control

Overtime, decorative ponds or fountains can become full of algae if it is not treated regularly. Just as you would treat other bodies of water, maintenance is required to keep them the clean, aesthetically pleasing focal point of your property. Algae treatments with our Decorative Fountain Algae Control is a long lasting fix to make sure your fountain is always looking its best.

Decorative Fountain Algae Control is a EPA registered product that keeps water clean and clear for small decorative ponds and fountains. It eliminates green water algae, string and hair algae, blanketweed algae, and whatever else you might find growing in your fountain. It is non-hazardous, non-staining, and non-foaming. Unaffected by heat, sunlight, and evaporation, Decorative Fountain Algae Control lasts one week. Though the product is not safe for fish, it is completely safe for plants and other surrounding wildlife when used as directed.

Decorative Fountain Algae Control is a very effective product. It outlasts and outperforms copper, enzyme and quat- based products. Decorative Fountain Algae Control will turn your fountain or decorative pond around and algae free in no time.