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Cleaning Series: Hand Prep

With the craziness of 2020, we decided to lend a helping hand in our community with products that were in little supply, but huge demand. One of the products we began producing is called Hand Prep. Hand Prep is our FDA-approved antiseptic hand sanitizer that is comprised of 72.2% isopropyl alcohol.

Like other disinfectant gels, rub a dime size amount over the surface of your hands. For full coverage, be sure to include between your fingers and the backside of your hands. Use the product dry, as water and paper towels will remove the product.

Hand Prep is great for the user who are not a huge fan of the typical, lingering hand sanitizer smell. Hand Prep is pretty potent at first, but once you rub it in the scent practically fades away. With 72.2% of isopropyl alcohol, we hit the sweet spot with disinfection. More concentration of isopropyl alcohol needs longer contact times to disinfect and less concentration just wouldn’t be very effective. Having just a bit of water in the mixture with isopropyl alcohol is a key component of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Give Hand Prep a try today! Add Hand Prep to any order through our website and receive FREE shipping!