CattPlex Pro

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NEW! Aquatic Herbicide for Cattails, Water Lilies, Grasses & More
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CattPlex Pro, the aquatic herbicide formerly known as CattPlex, delivers targeted cattail control and tackles both submerged and floating weeds ensuring the restoration of aquatic ecosystems with precision and effectiveness. CattPlex Pro utilizes Imazamox instread of Glyphosate. Imazamox is a highly effective herbicide designed specifically for aquatic environments.

  • Comparable but NOT identical to CattPlex due to different active ingredients
  • For submerged & emergent weed control
  • Targets a range of common aquatic weeds, including cattails, water milfoil, pondweed, and duckweed.
  • For general dosing, use .75-1.45 oz of product per 1,000 square feet, or 1-2 quarts per acre. See label for specific weed mix rates.
  • Formulated for use with: people, pets, fish, wildlife, swimming potable water & irrigation

CattPlex Pro is a contact herbicide, so it should be used for weeds currently present. It is not a preventative. Apply by spraying directly on or overtop of the growth you are treating.

For better coverage on emerged or floating growth, pair with a surfactant like Plex Mate.

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