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Catt Plex vs. Roundup

Roundup and Sanco’s Catt Plex are herbicides that contain glyphosate. Glyphosate is a common active ingredient found in most herbicides used in agriculture, lawn care, and pond care. It inhibits a growth protein, causing death in the weeds. The use of glyphosates is currently a hot topic due to the misconception that they are carcinogenic.

In the EPA’s Interim Registration Review Decision (Case Number 0178) released in January of 2020, it is concluded that glyphosate poses no risks to human health.

On the EPA’s page on glyphosates, it states that there are:

“No risks of concern to human health from current uses of glyphosate. No indication that children are more sensitive to glyphosate. No evidence that glyphosate causes cancer in humans. No indication that glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor.”

There are many different types of Roundup. Majority of Roundup contains a surfactant called polyethoxylated amine, or POEA. POEA is highly toxic to aquatic wildlife and therefore is not legal to use in aquatic environments.

So how does our Catt Plex differ from Roundup? Sanco’s Catt Plex contains no surfactant, and instead offers an approved aquatic surfactant in a separate container for purchase. All of our aquatic chemicals are aquatic grade and safe to use around humans, pets, and wildlife. By using the combination of Catt Plex and Plex Mate, you will be treating your pond weeds legally and safely.

The end results of Catt Plex and Plex Mate are equivalent to what you would find with Roundup. You may in fact achieve better results due to the percentage of glyphosate.

Your safety is always a top priority at Sanco Industries. If you have any further questions about Catt Plex or Plex Mate, feel to reach out to the office.