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Break Down Roots With Root Destroyer

Underground, a tree’s root system is extensive and can often times venture in areas where they shouldn’t…like into your sewage or septic lines. Roots are constantly on the search for moisture and nutrients for the tree, and piping in your sewer and septic lines create the perfect environment.

Roots can penetrate through any cracks in the piping that may have formed over the years, but are also strong enough to break through on their own. Once a root has made it in, the growth can become excessive and take over the entire area. This leads to clogging. Blocked sewer pipes can cause big, expensive problems, so it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Sanco’s Root Destroyer is a copper sulfate-based product that will effectively break down roots and create a barrier to block the future growth in treated areas. By flushing an application of Root Destroyer down the toilet that is closest to the blockage, you will be sending a concentrated dose of chemical straight to the source. The copper sulfate crystals break down the roots without causing any harm to your tree. Repeat this process until the correct dosage has been achieved. Make sure to continue treatments accordingly, so that roots do not reenter the piping.

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