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Blue Pond Dye

13 Oct 2010
The concept behind the use of a blue pond dye is to make your pond a beautiful color.   Blue pond dye can also help maintain cooler water temperatures slowing muck and slime build-up. 
 With so many blue pond dyes, which one do you choose?  Crystal Blue is easy to apply and will not harm fish residing in your pond. Administer Crystal Blue year round, during any season. It treats 1 acre with 4 to 6 feet of depth. Don’t know how much you need? We offer satellite mapping of your pond for a small fee ($35); excluding small deco garden ponds.


Sanco, based in Fort Wayne, has been making blue pond dye and other quality aquatic chemicals since its founding in 1991. Our products are sold throughout North America at many reputable dealers and locations. Check out the online store or find a local retailer and treat your pond like royalty with Crystal Blue or our other great products.